Film Reviews

The Beta Test (2021)

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I like Jim Cummings The Beta Test a lot. More than Thunder Road but not as much as The Wolf of Sleepy Hollow. Once again, tons of tremendous performances from the cast and technically exceptional filmmaking from this evolving filmmaker.

I do have some issues with the films erratic tonal choices and a vision that feels unintentionally gluttonous, biting off such a hefty but spectacular piece of filmmaking that I’m not able to chew, swallow, digest and just enjoy it all by the end credits.

With all of that said, even with these stylistic choices that cause some issues, The Beta Test is a darkly comedic, sick and twisted tale of adultery in the digital age of Hollywood and it kicks a lot of ass.

I might have an Ulcer now.

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