Best of the Year Lists

Favorite Films of 2021

2021 was objectively one of the toughest years for everyone. The Covid Pandemic is still looming overhead. Tensions as a whole have skyrocketed. And the landscape of movies has forever changed in just 2 years since the pandemic got under way. The year started out with optimism. Things started to look up and theaters slowly reopened. By March, it felt like movies were back! And to be fair, they were, with some awesome theatrical releases. But it didn’t take long for the pandemic to reassert its dominance and cases rose well past December 2021. Theaters remained open all year long but the moviegoing experience was altready altered and continues to change. I was able to see 4 movies in actual theaters and the very last one was the biggest film of the year. The rest were at home and so for the second year in a row, movies still found ways to be seen with plenty of great releases

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