Best of the Year Lists

Favorite Films of 2022

The first full year of The Spectators Odyssey is in the books.

What a year it was. 365 days just flew on by but once Summer hit it really felt like time sped up at an uncontrollable rate. And honestly, it felt like time slipped through my fingers. From June to December I just couldn’t keep up with it all. Professional day job, that I am very much grateful to have, took up much of what little spare time I had available and so the website suffered.

But make no mistake, movies were watched and some were even reviewed and logged on Letterboxd. Those might make an appearance here some day.

I ended 2022, a year that many consider an impressive one for the medium, having seen 227 movies and it’s no hyperbole, there was plenty to love.

These are The Spectators’ Odysseys 30 Favorite films of 2022!

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